Red Squirrel project at Escot


Red Squirrel project at EscotBitpod are excited to announce a new commission to follow the building of a new red squirrel enclo

sure at Escot Park in East Devon. The project will take place over several months and when finished will house 25 red squirrels with a 100m raised boardwalk for visitors.
The initial stages will include the felling of larch trees from the Escot estate and cutting into timber suitable for the construction of the boardwalk. A large  ‘portable’ saw will be used to create the planks and support beams needed to raise the walkway above ground level.
You can read more about this project on the Escot website.Once this is complete the boardwalk will be created using a mixture of traditional methods and modern machinery. The final stages will include creating a ‘firewall’ to separate the enclosure from the outside world and the creation of an educational area to support the project.