Southern Waste Management Ltd

Bitpod were asked to create three videos for Basingstoke Skip Hire and Southern Waste Management Ltd. The videos are to be featured on their new website as well as shown on their YouTube channel.Each video is less than three minutes long and features a voice over, background music and number of shots obtained during our visit to their premises.

Filming the construction of UK Biomass plant construction

Bitpod have been asked to film the construction of a £3M, 750KW biomass plant installation for South West Waste Management Ltd in Basingstoke. The new plant will feed electricity back into the grid generated by burning waste wood products in it’s 1400 degree furnace.

Biomass plant constructionCurrently waste wood is transported to Slough for disposal. The new plant will produce virtually zero emissions, will save hundreds of thousands in transport costs and will provide a new green revenue for the business. The project is set to be complete by the end of June,  we will be back to film the big switch on as well as to obtain in depth footage.

Our filming so far has taken place over 2 days and includes the lorry unloading and the larger elements being craned into place. All footage will be collated and editing together with footage obtained by staff. We will produce an educational DVD to be shown in a new visitors area and hopefully a shorter version to appear on the website.otage on how the plant works.