Filming the red squirrels feeding at Escot

We regularly visit Escot park to capture events and record further progress for the ongoing  red squirrel enclosure project. This week we were asked to film the squirrel feeding as they have been getting more familiar with their keepers. We were lucky with the weather and light and managed to grab some fantastic close-up footage of the squirrels in their natural habitat.

Red squirrel on fence

Red squirrel on ground

Red squirrel in tree


Filming organic cows at Bowden Farm

Bitpod has been spending time on Bowden farm on Dartmoor filming Russell Ashford and his herd of dairy cows. This project has been commissioned by one of the UK’s largest organic milk suppliers. The aim is to produce a short educational video for primary school children explaining what happens on a dairy farm and why organic milk is so special.

The filming part of this project has been split over three days. Day 1 – filming cows in the field, day 2 – capturing the milking process, day 3 – filming the tanker collection. The final video will be made into DVD’s with a copy also being made to be featured on the client’s website.

Cow Products Calves