Chris Wood – LinkedIn eBook

This short video was produced to highlight the experience of Chris Wood the author behind “Unlock the value of Social Networking”. It features a few snippets of information behind how businesses can use social networks such as LinkedIn to promote their business online. Filmed with a portable green screen this project includes a custom background image, background music and bespoke animated graphics.

Escot Red Squirrel Project

After nearly a year of filming on the Escot estate, we are proud to present the first two videos from our footage. These videos have been created to help the British Red Squirrel & Red Squirrel South West Project to share the history of the project and to communicate their overall aims.

The first video shows the progress of the project from February 2011 until the release of the first red squirrels.

The second video is aimed at potential supporters who would be interested in donating to the charity.

Business Network SW – Time-lapse

This time-lapse was filmed on December 1st at the Exeter Business Network South West Christmas lunch. The purpose of the time-lapse was to watch how people move around the space within the 45 minute networking slot. We also thought it might be amusing to see everyone speeded up:)

We used two cameras, each taking a photograph every second. This was then condensed to a one minute clip, colour treated and an appropriate music track applied. Finally we added the highlights of the event as a scrolling text banner.