Video Marketing in 2013

What Successful B2B Video Marketing is all about

Business now fully grasp the importance and effectiveness of Business to Consumer (B2C) video marketing, and are now getting into the finer details of measuring results, optimizing content and so on. It would however seem that not enough emphasis is placed on Business to Business (B2B) video marketing. Most business people assume that the fundamentals are the same for each kind of video marketing. This however could not be further from the truth.

Another common mistake that business people make in this kind of marketing is targeting a brand or business without keeping in mind that a business (in the strict sense of the word) does not view videos. It is individuals that do so, on behalf of the business. There are some tips and strategies that can be utilized to guarantee the success of the sales efforts. In today’s competitive business world, it is important to get an edge over the competition through different applications of successful marketing strategies.

Formulating B2B video Marketing Goals and Objectives

This is one of the most important things where sharing videos is concerned. There needs to be clear goals and objectives in place before the commencement of the marketing campaign.

Goals: These are essentially long term results and are more focused on the end result. This includes such things as increased product awareness, increased brand awareness and increased sales to mention a few.

Objectives: These are rather short term and more focused on specific marketing efforts. These include; video comments, number of views, number of video posts and re-posts, online mentions and so on.

The objectives need to be created is such a way that they are realistic and achievable, and ultimately help to reach the set goals. Additionally, the goals that have been set must to warrant the kind of investment that is being made on the marketing campaign.

Creative videos guarantee success

When creating the video, rather than think about the targeted organization as a whole, think about the specific individual(s) that is tasked with purchases within that organization. The video needs to appeal to them enough such that your message and your video will be passed along.

Also create videos that are relevant and appealing to the targeted demographic. This means that they need to see themselves in the content, as well as some of the challenges that they face in their business.

It is also important that the targeted audience feel that they are being offered information rather than simply being sold to. In the information age, more and more people are looking for information about product or services. It is not simply about whether or not a product or service is good for them. It is also about what kind of information marketers can offer their audience. Credible content should therefore be at the backbone of any video promotional strategy, as well as online marketing as a whole.

A final note is to create videos that are funny and unique without being over the top. The logic in this is that people within your targeted organization(s) should be able to share and like the content without feeling ashamed.



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