Online video marketing is huge and only getting bigger

The trending content marketing strategy at the moment is through online videos, and for good reason. This is something to seriously think about especially for B2B marketing. A lot of emphasis has been placed on B2C content marketing, leaving business to business marketers at a loss on the way forward.

The Content Marketing Institute has been a great source of information on the current business to business video marketing trends. According to the institute, 2012 saw a twelve percent increase in the number of content marketers using video as part of their overall online marketing company. This number is also set to increase in the coming years.

The main focus at the moment is not on how popular videos are online at the moment. The reality is that these kinds of content are hugely popular today, and the number of people consuming visual content will continue to rise significantly in the foreseeable future. Studies have also shown that content marketers identify video as the main area where they plan to increase their investment.

The Statistics

There are statistics that business marketers can use to solidify their investment in online video formats. These statistics are proof that video marketing is big, and will only get bigger. These statistics are courtesy of a study by the Content Marketing Institute

  • As of September of 2012, more than eighty five percent of people on the internet regularly viewed video content online.
  • Roughly forty-six percent of internet users admit to seeking more information about services or products that they had seen in a clip on the internet.
  • Seventy percent of business marketers use visual content in one form or another as part of their promotional tactics. Out of the various forms of content, visuals rank sixth overall as a choice tactic for online advertising.
  • Sixty-one percent of  marketers take advantage of YouTube to get their brand and messages out to their target audience. Additionally, YouTube records more than four billion hits every day on average.

Mobile users are more likely to view videos online, and also for longer periods of time as compared to their laptop and PC counterparts. Projections for end of 2012 estimated more than fifty-four million mobile users regularly viewing online visual content.


If the statistics are anything to go by, there needs to be deliberate efforts by marketing teams to take advantage of online videos as part of wider online promotional efforts. This is keeping in mind the ever growing number of mobile users, where videos need to be easily accessible and supported by mobile platforms. This is something that most  marketers understand, and with the use of better strategies and new technology can effectively reach wider audiences for their services or products.

It is therefore clear that visual marketing is not only popular, but is expected to grow bigger and bigger in the coming years. This is therefore something that marketers need to keep in mind when formulating promotional strategies, whether online or offline. Not taking advantage of this incredible opportunity could significantly limit the popularity of any company out there.



Dean Clarke Lofts

Dean Clarke Lofts are luxury student apartments currently being developed in central Exeter. Our client required a video to demonstrate the show flat before the doors can open to the public. The final video was also produced as a Mandarin voice-over for Exeter’s thriving Chinese student population.

This video was hosted on YouTube and embedded in the clients website and shared on social media.