Why you should make your videos shorter

Video marketing is no doubt an important part of promoting any kind of product or service. Most people however go wrong where the length of the video is concerned. The general trend right now is that shorter videos are more likely to be viewed entirely, than their longer counter parts. Experts recommend that online marketing video should be less than five minutes long, and there is good reason for this.

The constant media bombardment

At any one time, internet users are chatting on instant messages, checking their social network accounts, listening to music and so on. This leaves little time and patience for viewing videos. The viewer therefore has limited time to decide whether; 1) the video is worth watching, and 2) whether they will watch the video to the end. This is why it is important to keep videos short and precise. The viewer needs to feel that the video benefits them individually by either offering them useful information or some form of entertainment value.

With this constant multitasking on the internet, there is little time to watch long videos. The attention span of the average online user is limited to only a few minutes, during which time the video needs to make an impact. Ideally, the video should be short enough to be watched in its entirety, and interesting enough to prompt the viewer to share the video with other online users.

There is always room for more

With in-depth knowledge of a product or service, it is sometimes difficult to know what to disregard and what is vital in a short video. The key here should be to have vital information condensed into a short video. Where need be, ‘sequels’ or additional videos may be added. If the first video is captivating enough, the viewer will have no qualms about clicking on the second and third video. This is only if they feel that the content will be worth their time. Content can therefore be divided up into multiple 1-2 minutes videos, with a focus on the first video. This way, the viewer has the space and opportunity to consider what is most relevant to them.

Relevance and focus wins

The video creator should post only content that is relevant to the intended audience. The main focus should always be to keep the viewer interested and hold their attention for the entire duration of the video. At the end of the day, the ideal video should never be more than 5 minutes long. Where possible, videos should actually be condensed to 1-2 minutes for maximum effect.

Whatever information is not vital should be left out. The videos that prove to be effective are short, focused and straight to the point. By keeping a video between 1-2 minutes, the creator is more likely to stick to the relevant and vital information about a product or service. This way, the video is more likely to be viewed and shared to others, and more likely to prompt the viewer to share the content with others that they think will appreciate the video.

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