Getting started with video

A question from Carly Warren from Thoroughbred Print and Design via twitter.

Question – “Where and how to start, what equipment is needed”.

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Getting started with video

What are the basics – where do I start? This is a question from Carly Warren, from Thoroughbred Print and Design. So most of you already own smart phones, and smart phones take pretty good video. The key here is not to push them too much. Use lots of light, whether it’s artificial or outdoor lighting. And watch out for sound. Outdoors, you’re going to get wind noise, background noise, so just be careful to minimize that.

The other option you’ve got is to use a digital SLR. A lot of digital SLRs have got a good video mode, and they will work better in lower light, and generally give you a better quality picture.

So the trick is not to push your projects too far. Maybe think about doing a client testimonial, maybe a product or a service demonstration. Keep them short, keep them interesting, and get them uploaded to YouTube and see what people think.

Thanks, Carly. That’s a great question. [/learn_more]