What are the three best ways to maximise SEO on YouTube videos?

A question from Lisa Vanstone from One Voice Media/Exeter Chambers of Commerce via the Bitpod Facebook page.

Question – “What are the top 3 things to do to maximise seo benefits of video content?”.

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What are the three best ways to maximise SEO on YouTube videosWhat are the top three things to do to maximise the SEO benefits of your video on YouTube?

This is a question from Lisa Vanstone from One Voice Media, and also the Exeter Chambers of Commerce.

So there’s three really important things you can do to help your video on YouTube.

The first is the title.
You need a very compelling title, something that people want to click on.

But you also need something that contains keywords. If you use the AutoComplete function on YouTube, and as you start typing in the search box, you’ll start to see other people’s searches that are popular.

Have a look at what’s relevant to your video and see what you can use here.

They need to contain some keywords.

The second is the description. Try and get a link quite close to the top of the description.

It needs to start with the HTTP bit, otherwise it won’t work.

And then underneath that you can put in some extra links, maybe to social media.

You can also put in a lengthy description, including keywords.

You can even put in the script of your video, if you have one.

The third thing to do is the tags. The tags are for keywords.

Think of any tags that you can to do with your videos.

It could be your brand, it could be your company name, it could be anything to do with anything within your video.

Make sure that you put the most important ones first.

These three things will probably do more for your video than anything else.

There’s plenty more you can do, but these are the three to get right.

So Lisa, thanks for the question.