Is online video that popular?

A question from CMA Video in Birmingham via Twitter.

Question – “There’s a stat saying that video will soon account for 90% of web traffic. Do you think video is that popular & growing so quick”.

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[learn_more caption=”Video transcript” state=”open”]Is online video that popular Question from CMA Video in Birmingham “Currently video accounts for 90% of web traffic. Do we really think it’s that popular, and is it growing that fast?”

I think before we answer that question, actually we do need to realize that video is pretty chunky stuff.

The data requirements of video, of watching one video, probably equates to looking at an entire website.

So it really is quite heavy quite heavy on the bandwidth.

Is it growing? Absolutely. The statistics that we see from YouTube is just staggering.

The adoption of mobile devices, not just mobile phones but now tablets mean that people are watching video on smaller screens.

It’s very palatable and it’s starting to cross the boundaries between business and personal use.

Video is something we are used to watching. We’ve been watching it since the early days.

So it’s only the advent of faster broadband that’s made it possible.

And this is something that we consume in large quantities.

So, yes it is growing. Yes it is going to get more popular.

And I think, really, what’s going to be interesting, is how social media continues to adopt video in the future.

Thank you.

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