Should you use auto play videos on your website?

A question from the recent Business Network South West seminar in Exeter.

Question – “Should you use auto play videos on your website?”.

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[learn_more caption=”Video transcript” state=”open”]Should you use auto play videos on your website AutoPlay Videos – are they a good idea?

I think generally, no.

Most people people would put a video on their home page.

When you visit a website, you wouldn’t expect a video to start playing. You might have your speakers turned up loud, it might make you jump.

So I think you’re going to upset people if you start a video playing when you haven’t requested it.

In most cases, you’re actually going to want to take people to a pop-up lightbox where you can show the video at a proper size, or a separate page anyway.

Now, I think the only time when auto play is acceptable is when you’re taking people to a page where the video is the only content, or it’s essential to the content.

In that case, I think it’s okay because people expect it.

So in general, I would avoid AutoPlay unless you’ve got a page where the video is the main item.

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