Successful video marketing is all about strategy, tactics and implementation

Video marketing is no doubt a trending marketing strategy, and when you think about it, it is easy to see why. It has been reported that seventy-five percent of executives on the Fortune 500 companies regularly watch online videos at the office. In addition to this, video marketing stands out as a particularly effective way to send out a message to the marketers’ target audience.

Before embarking on any kind of video marketing, it is first important to have a good strategy in place as well as have the right kind of implementation and tactics to guarantee success.

Video Marketing Strategy

Any strategy for video marketing should first start with an evaluation of the following;

  • Competitive advantages
  • Overall corporate strategy
  • Marketplace differentiators
  • Core competencies

All these factors play a part in the outcome of the marketing strategy. A successful marketing strategy is also specific. The most effective videos are those that focus on specific customer problems and offer specific solutions to these problems. This can be a little tricky especially where there are multiple services or products in question. The best way to get around this problem is to single out one that will have the largest impact on the targeted audience.

Best Video Marketing Tactics

There are a couple of tactics that can be put into action to ensure a successful business marketing campaign. A special kind of offer of freebies is especially effective in gaining your audiences’ attention. Offering incentives to prospective clients that provide their contact information is a good way to go.

Keeping the video short and focused on the core message is another way to guarantee success. Ideally, the video should not be more than a minute long. This should include the special offers and product positioning.

It is important to get a professional production out to the targeted customers. This should be high quality and have a call to action that captures the audience’s attention.

Video Marketing Implementation

The final stages of the campaign strategy also require additional considerations. Before the actual implementation of the marketing campaign, there needs to be a clear schedule that will facilitate for short-term results. It is also important to know what resources will be needed before the implementation process. Again, the outcome of the entire process has to justify the resources put in for the overall marketing efforts.

Responsibilities also have to be assigned before hand, with a clear description of what tasks each person involved is required to perform. Every person involved in the implementation process should be qualified and well capable of handling any tasks assigned to them.

A lead capture form is necessary on the landing page to get potential clients contacts.

In addition to this, analytics and conversion tracking is very important to measure the success of the marketing campaign. Some of the things that can be tracked through the use of analytics include video views, page views and click through rates. Also important is tracking the conversion rates or buys that have been directly brought in by the video selling efforts.



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