Linkedin embraces better video integration for profiles

The power of online videos for marketing a business is undeniable. Linkedin has made major strides especially in recent years to help members harness the power of video marketing. Being a more ‘serious’ social networking site, shared videos are more focused in brand image and other related aspects as opposed to the entertainment value. The videos posted should therefore focus on improving brand visibility, demonstrate success and offer useful information.

Linkedin users can now optimize their profile as a destination, in terms of online visibility. Recent changes have made it possible to add and feature multiple videos to your profile. By updating the profile regularly and highlighting relevant expertise and experience, brands are more visible on the search results not only on the networking site itself, but on the internet as a whole (read search engine). Video for profiles adds on to the high ranking by offering other members visual content that works to further promote the brand and improving the position of the business in question in their niche market.

It is also now possible to share content directly from the site with others, including videos, through the available applications. Polls, Twitter feeds and blogs can now be used in addition to videos for profiles on Linkedin to further promote networking and gain new contacts in the relevant field. This also helps to keep existing contacts updated with recent news and other relevant content. The addition of visual content further encourages networking, and gives contacts and other social network users a better idea of what your brand is all about.

Videos for profiles on Linkedin have also proven to be a powerful learning resource. Videos are inherently a more interesting form of online content, and effectively pass on the message as it was intended by the sender of the message. There is great potential for businesses to build trust and a good reputation through video in addition to other resources provided by the networking site. This is good news for many brands, especially those in the beginning stages, as they are offered a more-level playing field with the more established brands on the social network.

By keeping videos short and precise, Linkedin members have a great opportunity to harness the power of online video marketing for their product or service. Most top executives in the Fortune 500 companies have reported to watching videos on a number of video sharing platforms such as YouTube. The fact that LinkedIn has embraced videos for profiles essentially brings videos closer to these high-impact people, and offers businesses and brands a better shot at succeeding.

With this new LinkedIn power, comes great responsibility. It is easy to make or break business image on LinkedIn or any other such social network geared towards professionals, and so extra caution needs to be exercised when posting videos for profiles on LinkedIn. The videos should be in line with, and contribute to the brands image, values and overall direction to have the desired positive impact. Keeping it professional and mapping out your target audience, are just some of the factors to keep in mind with videos for LinkedIn.

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