How can I use popular music in my videos?

A question from Keith Hathaway, a professional photographer in Exeter

Question – “How can I use popular music in my videos?”.

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How can I use popular music in my videos“How can I use pop, or popular music in my videos?”

This is question from Keith Hathaway, a photographer in Exeter.

I’m afraid mostly you can’t use the sort of pop or popular music you’d hear on the radio or on TV. This is because the royalties and licensing involved would just be too expensive to use in small-scale productions.

What you can do instead is you can use what is called stock music, and stock music is available from online websites that offer it for anything between free and maybe £200. Average is around £40 to £70, you can get some good music.

You have to look at the licensing, you have to make sure that it’s used for the correct purpose, and the correct amount of time.

If you’re prepared to look around, you can find some pretty good stuff. And that’s the best alternative to using well-known pop music.