What’s the simplest way to put video on my website?

A question from Alison Jobson, Straight Marketing

Question – “What’s the simplest way to put video on my website?”.

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Whats the simplest way to put video on my website“What’s the simplest way to put video on my website?”

This is a question from Alison Jobson from Straight Marketing.

Well, the easiest way is to use YouTube.

YouTube does all the hard work for you. So once you’ve made your video – which admittedly, is the difficult bit, all you need to do is upload it to YouTube.

Once you’ve got it on there – and of course YouTube is a huge place, with a big user base – you can then do something called embedding. Embedding is where you take some special code that YouTube gives you, and you use your content management system on your website; maybe it’s something like WordPress or something your website developers built for you, and you put this code in. It will then put the video within the page.

It’s fairly straightforward. You can customise the size of it, and you can do important things like turning off related videos because you probably don’t want your competitors showing once it’s finished.

If you get stuck, obviously you can probably speak to your website developer about this.

But actually, there’s an awful lot of help online and certainly on YouTube’s website.

So YouTube is the easiest way to get video onto your website.