What makes a video shareable?

A question from Guy Arnold, Great or Poor

Question – “What makes a video shareable?”.

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“What are the key aspects of a video that encourages people to promote and share it?”

This is a question from Guy Arnold.

And actually, this is all to do with how engaging and interesting your video is.

People often use the word “viral” but actually viral is something that you don’t choose.

Viral is something that happens, and it happens to the select few.

Most videos actually gain popularity and shareability because they actually focus on a topic. They tell a story or they provide some information that’s extremely relevant.

And they do it in a concise and interesting way.

So, really, it’s all about making sure that your video contains the right information, ot too much waffle, and is placed in the right places that allow people to share it.

So if your video is aimed at business use, then maybe a LinkedIn group might be a place to host it.

If it’s something that is more brand-based, maybe aimed at consumers, then somewhere like Facebook may be a good place.

Obviously you can put your video in all of these places, but it all takes time and effort to do right.

The other thing you really need to do is you need to bring people in to help you share and promote your video.

So maybe sending it to people that have asked a question or are interested in a certain product or service that you offer.

These people can act as advocates and really help to push your video out to the masses.