What’s the best video editing software?

A question from Phil Roberts, St. Loyes Foundation.

Question – “What’s the best video editing software?”.

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whats the best video editing software“What’s the best package to use to edit video, and how should I go about it?”

This is question from Phil Roberts from St. Loye’s.

It depends which computer you have. If you have a Mac, then already you will have iMovie installed. That’s quite a powerful piece of software.

You can upgrade to more expensive things, such as Final Cut and you can even use the Adobe Premier software as well, which has recently been ported across to the Mac.

If you’re using a PC, then you’ve got the choice of Adobe Premier Elements which is a cheaper version. Or again, Adobe Premier Pro.

And there are a number of other different packages from providers such as Corel, Sony and so on.

Essentially they all do the same thing, which is they allow you to import footage, to edit it into a sequence, and then export it, in this case, ready for the web.

Now, really, how you get the best out of it is all going to be down to your planning and your ability to tell a story.

If you’ve already produced a strong concept, then your editing really is just a continuation of this.

And really, it’s about keeping a pace, it’s about keeping viewers engaged, producing something that’s interesting but not too long.

Best not to get carried away with special effects or overbearing music. Just keep it simple, tell the story, make the communication, export it and get it online.