What’s the best way to create client testimonials?

A question from Prue Deane of Accountancy Learning.

Question – “What’s the best way to create client testimonials?”.

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How to create a good testimonial or case studyWhat’s the best way to create client testimonials.

This is a question from Prue Deane.

I think case studies are a great way to make testimonial videos and the reason for this is because not only are you having a client who’s saying how amazing you are doing a job, but also your giving away extra information about the projects that you work on and how somebody might work with you, and this is really valuable information for a potential client.

Try to choose somebody that’s quite typical of the sort of work that you normally produce, because that way they will better relate to the project and how the success might affect them.

The other thing to think about with case studies and testimonials is to make sure that there short there to the point, and if you can try to prepare some questions.

Try and have your client answering questions not necessarily on camera like an interview, but ask them the questions in such a way that the answer contains the question, so a good way of doing this is to say tell me about at the beginning of every question and that way you’ll receive some really nice useful sound bites and video clips, that will make up the testimonial or case studies.


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