How important is it to have a concept before making videos?

A question from John Hind of Compass Resolution.

Question – “How important is it to have a concept before making videos?”.

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How important is it to have a concept before making videosHow important is it to have a concept, before making videos?

This is a question from John Hind from compass resolution.

I would say its absolutely essential.

Any effort that you put into planning and making and promoting your video
will be completely wasted if a concept isn’t correct.

So i’m a great fan of spending some time thinking about the concept and what i mean by that is not just the format i.e what your making, but actually a little bit more about who you’re aiming it at and just why you’re making the video.

What do you except the person to do when they have finished watching it.

So we are getting into the aims here.

So the concept covers all these things and if it’s done correctly will really help people.

Make the best use of your video and most importantly follow through take the action that your originally intended and then you have something thats measurable and its really helps when you make future videos because you can then follow on or improve on that concept so its a really important thing to do and if it’s done properly will massively
work for you.

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