How to be more natural on camera

A question from David Walker, of Sloane Walker.

Question – “How do I appear more natural in front of the camera?”.

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How to be more natural on cameraHow do I appear more natural in front of the camera.

This is a question from David Walker from Sloanewalker standing in front of a camera is very difficult, there’s lights you’ve got a camera staring at you maybe you got people watching so it can really put the pressure on, so the things you can do that can help first of all practice what you’re going to say so you feel comfortable, you understand the words you want to use maybe trying to learn it off a script can be too difficult, so maybe just write an outline think about the things that you want to say and the order you want to say them.

If you’ve got people watching you in the room that can put you off and it can affect your performance so if necessary, kick them out and do it on your own or with just one other person that your trust.

I think finally make sure that when your presenting to the camera if you can bring in some of your body language, and move around a little bit do whatever feels right for you, whether you need to be standing or sitting just to make yourself feel comfortable and that will really give you a better performance.