Should I use a script for my own videos?

A question from John Lamerton of EasyContentUnits.

Question – “Should I use a script, or should I adlib when making my videos?”.

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Should i use a script or should I ad lib when making my videosShould I use a script or should I add lip when i’m making my videos?

This is a question from John Lamerton.

I think really the answer depends on what type of video you’re making, if you’re making something quite complicated or whether the exact wording is important then a script is going to work very well and the limitations here are its difficult to remember a long script, and also this might be the sort of project where you involve a voiceover artist or a professional presenter.

If you’re talking about something that you are very familiar with and maybe you talk about day to day in your sales activities then you can usually addlib and the great thing here is what you say will come out naturally, you’ll probably already have the sort of phrases that you want to use and as far as the video goes it will go across quite nicely.