5 Reasons to have video on your website

A question from Sarah Davey of Attention Media

Question – “Give me 5 Reasons to have video on my website”.

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[learn_more caption=”Video transcript” state=”open”] 5 Reasons to have video on your website“Give me five reasons why I should create a video for my website.”

This is a question from Sarah Davey from Attention Media.

Okay. Number 1 – Websites aren’t getting read these days.

Statistics are showing that people are spending less and less time
looking at your information. So a video is a really easy, engaging way of getting information across.

Number 2 – You can put a lot of information in a very short period of time, which is a great way of getting your message across.

Number 3 – Videos are quite exciting. You can show things, rather than tell.
You can demonstrate things that take place over a period of time, which you might not be able to demonstrate in person.

Number 4 – They’re available 24/7. People can watch your videos at any time of the day or on a weekend.

Number 5 is that you can stand out from your competitors. If your competitors aren’t showing videos and you are, then you’ve got something different and something special. You’ve got that personal connection with people.

Sarah, it’s a great question. I hope these answers work for you.

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