Do I need a professional to do a voice over?

A question from Jonathan Alder of Alder and Alder

Question – “Do I need a professional to do a voice over?”.

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[learn_more caption=”Video transcript” state=”open”] “Do I need a professional to do a voice over?”
This is a question from Jonathan Alder from Alder and Alder.

Do I need a professional to do a voice overI think it depends on what you are doing. Most videos, certainly corporate videos,
where you need a professional-sounding voice, it really makes sense to use a
professional voice over artist.

And the reason is, these are people that are used to speaking. They can get the inflections right, they can put energy and drive into their delivery.

Also, they really sort of help add to the overall professional element that your video has.

I think, if it’s something that’s maybe more about news, or maybe it’s something for social media, then you can probably do it yourself. Or maybe you know someone else to do it.

But you do need to think about it’s not just about the voice. It’s also about the equipment that you need.

Trying to making a good-sounding voice over requires quite an expensive microphone, some expensive recording equipment. And often, these are edited as well, just to get rid of all the breaths and any sort of “ums” and “ahs” that might slip their way in, maybe like I’m doing now.

So, yes. I think, if you can, try and use a professional voice over artist. They’re not necessarily as expensive as you think and they give a great result.

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