How to get good sound in your videos

A question from Jonathon Bosely, a professional photographer

Question – “How to get good sound in your videos”.

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[learn_more caption=”Video transcript” state=”open”] How to get good sound in your videos“How do I get good sound from my video?”

This is a question from Jonathon Bosley, and it’s something that people suffer from a lot when they’re making their own videos.

So first of all, have a look and see if your camera has actually got an external socket for a microphone. If it hasn’t, you’re going to be limited. Try and get the camera as close as you can to the subject, try and remove any distracting background noises, such as wind, background music, or any sort of humming that might be coming from anything.

If you can use an external microphone, buy one, get it close as you can to the subject. And do remember that cheap microphones won’t sound as good as the more expensive higher quality ones.

The other thing that you can do is to look at the different types of microphone that you have. I’m using a tie clip microphone here, which is great for this sort of scenario.

If you were recording multiple people, then you might have to use a different type of microphone.

Have a look around and see what you can get, ask what other people are using, try different microphones, and move the camera as close as you can to the subject.

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