Why promotional videos don’t work online (and information videos do)

blog_no-salesmanIt would seem that many businesses are keen to utilise online video. There is very good reason for this trend; online video is huge and can be very effective! Most people will watch a video online with no problem at all, but will refuse to read the same content as text on a website. With this explosion of online videos, some marketers are making costly mistakes as far as promoting their product or service goes. To be honest, promotional videos simply don’t work. Instead, the money is on information videos, this is why.

No one likes the sales man
First, no one likes to be sold to. Everywhere we turn, someone is trying to sell us something. It is probably one of the most annoying things in the world. We see these people on TV, they call our phones, and they drop by trying to sell us something. Instead, people are more willing to make purchases or at least find out more about a product if they feel entertained or informed. This is a more personal approach to marketing that the average customer can relate to.

Promotional videos lose the plot
Promotional videos also sometimes tend to beat around the bush. The viewer wants to be told immediately what the product can do for them and why it is good for them. Ideally, they should be given this information in the first few seconds of watching the video. In this case, the marketer needs to understand what the goal of the video is to ensure they provide relevant information.

Long promotional videos don’t work
Furthermore, long protmotional videos simply do not work. For an informational video on the other hand, if the viewer is genuinely interested in learning about the product or service, they will generally not mind spending time to watch the entire video. People simply don’t have the time to sit around watching promotional videos online. They see these videos on TV every day, and look to the internet for something different and refreshing. Educational videos tend to be long but also very successful as opposed to their promotional counterparts. If the video is long, no one will watch it.

Promotional videos aren’t entertaining!
Promotional videos also tend to be boring. Again, most people watch online videos either to learn or to be entertained. Most promotional videos don’t offer viewers any of these, and so get overlooked, leaving the marketer wondering where they went wrong.

Too much focus on going viral
Lastly, promotional videos are way too focused on being viral for their own good. There still needs to be something that the viewer can take home. In addition to this, not all businesses can benefit from a video ‘going viral’. A car repair service in a small town might not necessarily get a huge influx of new business if their video is watched by millions of people around the world.

At the end of the day, people watch videos on the internet for their entertainment and information value. The sooner those online marketers understand this, the sooner they can run successful online marketing campaigns.

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