So what happened to the Facebook phone?

blog_facebook-phoneA lot of people thought (and some still do) that Facebook had come up with their own phone the “Facebook Phone” or otherwise known as the Buffy Phone. The truth is that the phone was actually the HTC First, and was acquired by Facebook. The phone ran on an Android platform that was seriously tweaked and loaded with a Facebook interface to make it their own. From the very beginning, sceptics had seen the rough road ahead for the Buffy, and it came as no surprise for many that the smart phone turned out to be a complete flop.

The smart phone has failed literally before it had even started. There are two main reasons as to why the Facebook phone did not work on the technology consumer market. First, the phone brought nothing especially exciting or new to the market. Secondly, and more importantly, people did not go out to buy the phones. We can delve more into why the phone did not work on the market by exploring some of the pitfalls of Facebook’s own smart phone.

As of recently, there has been talk from AT&T of completely eliminating the phone from the market. There have been some seriously poor sales for the smart phone, which has prompted AT&T to seriously re-think their position on the HTC First. The original price for the Facebook Phone was $99 and came attached with a contract for two years. Only a month after the release of the smart phone, the price drastically shot down to 99 cents for the same period contract as it was clear no one was going to buy the phone, and this still did not improve the sales.

Apart from the issues with hardware (nothing special about the design), the whole Facebook Phone experience has been a serious flop. The phone is sold on Google Play Store, and if the reviews here are anything to go by, this is probably one of the worst performing, overly hyped phones on the market today. The smart phone has seen some serious trashing online, and it seems that there is really nothing good to say about the Facebook Phone.

It would seem that the Facebook Home is simply not for everyone. Most people accustomed to the Android platform are simply not accustomed or ready for the changes on this particular phone. Although other apps are easily accessible (depending on how you look at it), it is a far cry from what people are used to, and there is nothing that particularly ‘wows’ the user to make the changes forgivable. It all looks like an experiment, and if the results so far are anything to go by, not a good one at that.

The final blow to the HTC First is that it is possible to get Facebook Home on other smart phones. This means that you can get the same benefits from the HTC First on a far more superior smart phone. In addition to this, Facebook chose to go exclusively with AT&T, which means that those not too keen on signing up for the companies services will look elsewhere for a smart phone.

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