Latest TV advert for DCW for ITV

Bitpod have been commissioned to create a TV advert for Devon Contract Waste. The concept behind the advert was to promote the public awareness of Devon Contract Waste’s ‘Zero to Landfill’ system. The advert encouraged viewers to visit a Facebook page which discusses material recycling, object reuse and other energy efficient and clever ideas.

The advert uses an animation to show how everything that is delivered into their recycling centre can be sorted and sent off to be transformed into something else. The key message is that nothing is sent to landfill. With only 30 seconds to tell the story and direct viewers to the Facebook page, the concept needed to be simple, powerful and attention catching. The advert began showing on the 9th of September on ITV1 and will initially run for over one week. So far our client has received good feedback as well as likes and comments on their Facebook page.

You can also view the advert on YouTube

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