Using YouTube videos as part of your LinkedIn marketing

Using YouTube videos as part of your LinkedIn marketing

Using YouTube videos as part of your LinkedIn marketingLinkedIn is a powerful business network with opportunities for meeting new people and strengthening bonds with existing contacts. Although there is plenty of self promotion and even some spammy posts, generally it is regarded as a valuable resource.

As you would expect, plenty of people post content to LinkedIn and depending on what they post and who they are connected with will get a variety of responses. When posting videos on LinkedIn your poster image (the still picture you choose as a thumbnail in YouTube) will automatically be shown along with a play button, this immediately makes your content stand out from the normal updates and links that most people post.

YouTube video can be used on LinkedIn in four rather powerful ways.

1. YouTube video as a status update

To do this, you simply share your YouTube video as a status update. This is shared with all your network and depending on the title, description and image chosen will entice browser to click and watch. As mentioned above video stands out an is easier to watch than a blog article is to read. Once you get a few comments expect others to watch and add their thoughts.

2. YouTube video on your LinkedIn profile

You can now add YouTube videos to your personal profile. Simply edit your profile and use the add link option. Now post in your YouTube video link and it will appear as an image and play button. You can also add a custom description and move it around to chose the best position. This is really useful if you have a profile video or a small set of service description videos. Now when new connections or potential connections check out your profile you will really stand out.

3. YouTube video on your company service page

If you have set up a company page and added services, you may have noticed that you can add a YouTube video. Currently you can only add one per service page each with an associated short title or description. This is a great place to add your product or service introduction videos or maybe some related testimonials. If you are using the powerful and very credible recommendations system, then your videos can very nicely sit among these and offer a showcase for interested potential customers.

4. YouTube videos on LinkedIn groups

The best and most powerful option is saved for last. With a LinkedIn group you have a massive amount more exposure potential. When you post a YouTube video in a group you immediately reach a large audience who have all joined due to a common factor. This might be location, business topic or member status; if you post the right video you can appear on everyone’s radar. This is all about topic, get it right and you are the centre of attention, watch your video gain comments and shares, all of which you will be expected to respond to. This is a real engagement driver, build trust through expertise and you become the ‘go to’ person for your specialist topic.

All of the above rely on you having already spent time building up a LinkedIn network, customising your profile and joining relevant groups. Of course you also need to be a ‘player’. Ideally you will already be active on LinkedIn, have posted, shared and commented to help build a reputation that makes other people take notice.

In this post there has been little talk of topic. This is undoubtedly the make or break of your strategy, the ideas above only really tell you what your options are once you have mastered this. Choosing the right topic is a whole new subject…