Why does my YouTube video show 301+ views?

Why does my YouTube video show 301+ views?

Why does my YouTube video show 301+ views?You may have noticed some YouTube videos that have view counts stuck at 301+. They can stay like this for weeks and can then suddenly show the real view count. Other videos don’t have this problem and their views just increment normally. So why does this happen?

Originally it used to freeze the count at 301 (there was no ‘+’ at the end). Because there was no indication to show that the video was actually at 301 views or it was being ‘inspected’ by YouTube and therefore temporally frozen, the ‘+’ was added. As for why the number is set to 301 and not 300, this is believed to be a programming mistake – it was meant to be 300.

The count freeze is understood to be initiated when the views rise faster that what YouTube believes to be normal. One cause could be because your video has just experienced viral growth and this rapid exposure has suddenly resulted in a huge number of views. Or it could be because the views are suspected to be false and therefore YouTube wants to analyse their origin before allowing you to display the number next to your video. Either way you will see a 301+ result for the view count and no new updates until the freeze is lifted.

One strange side-effect of this scenario is that the comment count and the likes/dislikes are not frozen. This results in a mismatch of statistics that often causes viewers to make additional comments, sometimes accusing the video owner of suspicious promotional activities.

A common question is what can you do to remove the 301+ and return to displaying normal views. The answer is quite simple – nothing can be done. When YouTube is happy it will revert to the proper view count, if you have done nothing wong then there is nothing to worry about. However if you did decide to speed things up by purchasing fake views then you will have to wait and see what happens next.