How to win a sales pitch using video

Using video as part of a sales pitch is not a new concept. We see videos used online and offline as part of the website content or point of sale display. Using video in your own sales pitches can be very rewarding and used in the right environment will totally blow your competitors out of the water.

Before we go any further, this article is written on the assumption that you have a great product or service, your pricing is roughly similar to other business and that you have a good reputation in your industry. Although video is extremely powerful, it will not get you past any of these hurdles as these are standard business comparisons, video or no video. What we are talking about here is using video to get you noticed, to show your offerings in a different way and demonstrating how keen you are to work with the potential customer.

So first of all why video? For this lets look at the response to brief (or PQQ/RFI stage) and see what the requirement is. Usually what is being assessed here is the credibility of your organisation, demonstrating the skills for the project in question and any relevant experience that you have. At this stage we are not talking about proposals but instead your suitability as a provider. You need to make an impact early on, to stand out and be noticed and be seen as a strong candidate. Using a video at this stage can work well as you could include the following:

  • A personal introduction message
  • Video of your team, premises and equipment
  • Responses to questions with images, videos and diagrams
  • Videos of past projects or case studies
  • A summary and call to action

If this stage is conducted remotely then your video response could be uploaded to a password protected web page (branded and part of your corporate website), you can then simply send a link via email or call and provide details on how to access (best to follow up with an email to provide the accurate link and password).

If your response is in-person, then you may choose to omit the personal start/end sections and  instead use it like a video presentation. This may you can meet your potential customer and introduce your pitch, you can then play the prepared content and follow up with a summary and respond to any questions.

You can of course use video as part or all of the proposal stage too. This is probably worth checking on as in some cases a document is required.

If you are thinking about this as an option for your sales pitches, here are a few tips.

  1. Use a strong presenter, a script and a teleprompter. Practise a lot!
  2. Keep it short and interesting
  3. Technical quality matters, if you don’t have the skills, call in the professionals
  4. The presentation of the video is important, consider the location and security too
  5. Use a proper designer for any visuals, your efforts will be compared to TV!

If you decide to use video in your sales process, it will make a massive difference. The very fact that you are choosing a different medium from paper will make you stand out, will help you demonstrate your capability and show your enthusiasm for winning the work.

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