University of Exeter project

Event ExeterThis month we got together with the University of Exeter to help produce their intro video for Event Exeter; showing off our stunning university  as the perfect venue for a wide variety of business events from conferences to networking. With a few hurdles to overcome (believe it or not, sunshine is not a camera man’s best friend!), along with a super tight deadline meaning that the video had to be filmed live, we set about creating an informative, inspiring piece, focused on and around the 300 acre campus.
Our completed 3 minute video combines on location and animation ‘shots’ to illustrate how accessible and pleasurable a visit to Exeter can be for both business and pleasure!

Prepare to be scared!

Dry Ice shoot 2Check out our new dry ice video, filmed for the rather spooky, Halloween on 31st Street store in Plymouth…..if you dare!  Filmed in a house, showcasing how effective dry ice can be for both children’s and adult’s parties, we had great fun filming and editing this chilling piece!

Working with Yeovil Hospital

Yeovil hospitalOver the last few months, we have been working with Yeovil hospital on a number of recruitment based videos, with the objective of expanding their permanent staffing levels.  With 11 in total, we have just completed the nursing themed video which involved three days of on location filming; interviews with nurses, students and senior medical staff; all in a portable green screen environment.
The video provides a real insight into what working as a nurse at Yeovil hospital can mean from the perspective of the staff and we were pleased to be able to work closely with them to get their message across to people who may be considering a career in nursing.