Facebook takes on YouTube with new video section

Facebook is all set to test a brand new dedicated video section with the objective of creating a hub where people can go when they exclusively want to watch a video.  With the average smart phone user checking the site 14 times a day, Facebook is not only the reining champ of social media sites but it has become one of the most powerful marketing tools for businesses all around the world.

The new video section which will initially only be visible to a small number of users, will be accessed either via an icon at the bottom of the screen or within the favourites section.  The section will be populated with content that has been liked and saved by users, recommended by their friends and posted by pages they follow.  Initial stages will simply see the new tool suggesting clips for users to view, based upon previous activities  but there is also talk of a search function being added in the not too distant future.

The intention is to make the viewing of videos as simple as possible via the site with testing being carried out on a number of time saving details including a new floating window feature which will make it easier for users to multi task.

With the demand for online video being higher than ever, Facebook is stepping up and recognising the importance of providing an effective and user friendly platform for its users to use and share video content; in turn, encouraging them away from simply uploading links to the likes of You Tube. In an attempt to do so it has also expressed it’s intention to share revenue generated from associated advertising.

Facebook is now generating four billion video views a day.  ‘In a year or two from now, we think Facebook will be mainly video’, the platform’s advertising chief commented in September this year.

Whether Facebook’s battle plan to take on You Tube will be a success remains to be seen but it is clear that the channel is actively working towards it’s 1.4 billion users thinking of Facebook first when they want to watch videos.

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