In a Nutshell returns!

chairHere at Bitpod HQ we are really excited to be working on the relaunch of our popular In a Nutshell series.  Originally launched in 2013, In a Nutshell was set up to allow local business experts to share their knowledge and demonstrate their expertise through a series of short videos. Over 50 videos have been produced to date and have received over 46,000 views on our dedicated You Tube channel.  Feedback from the business community has been incredibly positive with many specialist videos leading to new contacts or paid work for our contributors.

The most popular specialist topic so far has been ‘Is Social Media Good or Bad’ by Ann Holman at Our Think Lab Ltd with a staggering 4,939 views.  Other popular topics include the future of eCommerce, how to write news articles and what is cash flow forecasting.

Funded by Bitpod, the project works on a referral basis; once contributors have created their video we ask them to recommend two local business experts who they feel may have specialist knowledge to share.

The main aim of the project is to connect local businesses by creating a sharing platform and enable them interact within the business community.  Plus it allows us to invite people to experience our in house studio and demonstrate what a fun & unique experience on screen filming can be.

Following it’s initial launch, In a Nutshell was put on hold for a few months whilst we searched for a new member of staff to manage the project and give it the full attention it deserved.  Now that we have that project coordinator in place, the sky’s the limit!

Watch this space for the first of our new batch of contributors, coming very soon….

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