Introduction into Bitpod

Bitpod are specialists in online video marketing, working with a wide variety of clients to produce the perfect video solution. Versatile & adaptable, the company has achieved excellent results with promotional & informational projects for both commercial customers & the public sector. The company has evolved from over 30 years combined knowledge and experience in every area of online marketing.

Together with extensive creative design, animation and camera expertise this means the company has the perfect mix of skills to produce the best possible digital marketing solutions.

Bitpod’s expertise in marketing provides the insight to anticipate where the market is going and be ahead of the latest developments. Clients can trust that they will get excellent service and the highest quality end result.

Our clients

Our clients

Bitpod solutions


Video production solutions on your premises or at other locations.


Controlled environment in-studio video production solutions.


Bespoke design and compositing of professional video animations.

Video SEO

On page video SEO, YouTube SEO, YouTube set-up & video hosting.


Open course and bespoke in-house video training solutions.

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