Have you ever looked enviously at the animated videos other companies use? Have you seen for yourself how animations bring websites and online marketing to life? And do you marvel at how they draw in an audience and communicate persuasive marketing themes so effectively?
Maybe you’ve wished you could seize the opportunities of high-quality animations for yourself, but found it too much of a stretch for your marketing budget.
We created Animation Express just for you: high quality animations that won’t blow your budget.

Making Animation Affordable


Animated video becomes expensive when each new project gets built from scratch. Animation Express is different.

We’ve created a toolbox of high-quality design themes and layouts. Pre-engineering the production in this way is more efficient. Time and budget are focused on refining your message and working out the most dynamic, powerful and persuasive way to communicate it.
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We currently have 5 design themes and 15 layout options; plenty of flexibility to create distinctive, high-quality animations for any type of business.

The technology means you’ll pay around half what you’d normally expect for professional animations of this quality. Quite simply, you get much more animation for your budget.

How it works

Using Animation Express couldn’t be simpler.
You provide us with a script or we write one for you.
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Together, we’ll select the design theme and layouts from the Animation Express toolkit.
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We arrange the voice-over and complete your high-quality animation, usually within 7 days.
Have a look at our introductory video to see Animation Express in action. Then call us on 01392 555123 to discuss the opportunities animated video offers to your business.

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