Creating a dynamic first impression

A video introduction is the ideal way to showcase your business. A 2-3 minute video will grab the attention of your target market, telling them exactly who you are and what you do. Designed to engage, this video is a tour of your business, giving an overview to communicate important information about your product and/or services. The video easily integrates with your website and plays through YouTube, automatically contributing to the search engine results, driving you further up the rankings. Video will bring your website to life, encouraging interaction and interest in your business.


Client examples

Client testimonial

“Great team, brilliant creativity, hard work and focus on delivery of a polished high-specification video made the whole thing a pleasurable experience. I would definitely recommend Bitpod- they punch way above their weight.”
James Priday – Prydis

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For further information on how a video introduction might benefit your business, please contact Bitpod on 01392 555 123 or use the online contact form below.

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