Live streaming for the ExIST quarterly event

Today we had the great opportunity to live stream for the ExIST quarterly event, which had four guest speakers Vicky Pope from the Met Office, Glenn Woodcock from Exeter City Futures, Paul Hewson from City Science and Simon Notley from Dynniq, the topic of discussion was on “Business opportunities and climate change”.

This is the first time that ExIST has live-streamed an event, it was a new experience for this popular network that has already proved to be a success.

Bitpod’s new joint project with EXiST Exeter

We are excited to announce our new joint filming series in calibration with EXiST Exeter.

Each video in the series with focus on one innovative business here in Exeter, where we will spend time with the organisation asking them questions about why they are located here and why Exeter is a great place to be, also we will be finding out how they feel about the importance of innovation and what makes them an innovative business.

We hope this series will help anyone who is looking to relocate their business here and the benefits it will bring to their organisation and to also highlight some of the successful science and technology businesses in the area.

The first in the series is Sun Gift Solar who have been around since 2005 and was founded by Gabriel Wondrausch, they are part of the renewable energy industrial revolution with innovative energy storage systems. In this interview Gabriel talks about the benefits of his business being located in Exeter and how many of his employees came from Exeter University who were one of the first universities to offer degrees in renewable energy.

Please watch the video below to find out more.