Our post-production department completes the final edit ready for internet delivery. We offer a range of services to…


Fine tune your message

The edit determines the overall message conveyed by each video. Factors such as the shot selection, the pace and the overall length of the final video can make your communication interesting, actionable and shareable. Our editing facilities use the latest software to quickly and accurately produce high quality effective videos.

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Add animation for impact

When you need to show or say something special, a bespoke animation can make all the difference. Animations can be blended with existing footage or can be created as standalone graphics. Applications range from slick introduction titles and credits to unique presentation slides. Our in-house graphic design and animation team can make your final video extra special!


Add a professional voice

A well matched voice-over artist will deliver your message confidently and professionally. We offer a voice search service helping you to find the perfect match for your production. We manage the entire process and provide online previews for your approval. We also offer studio recording facilities and audio editing for client use.

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Select music

We provide a music sourcing and licence management service helping you to choose a suitable option to complement your video. Carefully selected music used with titles, animations and as a background track can add the finishing touch to your production. We can also arrange for music to specially written if you require something completely unique.


Preview securely online

Although you are welcome to preview your video in our client viewing suite you may wish to share it with clients, colleagues and associates before it is distributed. We provide a secure online viewing service allowing authorised parties to view the latest version online in full HD.

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[quote type=”center”]They are a very friendly and approachable team and I really enjoy working with them. We have produced two videos so far and each one has been well thought out, well planned and thoughtfully edited and resulting in a very professional looking end product.[/quote]

Fiona Taylor, Marketing Manager at Christopher Piper Wines Ltd

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