Our video production service specialises in capturing footage for internet delivered micro videos. Our main areas of focus include…


Dedication to quality

We are passionate about creating high quality content. This involves every step of the process from planning through to distribution. On set we concentrate on all aspects of  image and sound quality, resulting in the best quality footage. Our camera and sound operators maintain the highest standard, so your your video to stands out and look it’s very best.

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Quick response

For PR and communications projects, speed is often essential. We provide a quick response service giving priority to time sensitive projects. Our production team employs lightweight equipment with minimal set-up time so that we can be ready to shoot with minimal delay. The fully digital workflow allows footage to be ingested ready for edit within moments of reaching the edit suite. Alternatively video can be edited on site for immediate approval.


Professional equipment

Our video equipment captures high quality HD footage which is perfect for web or presentation display. We carry professional lighting kits, portable green screens and audio equipment allowing us to quickly set-up a bespoke studio. All equipment is operated by professionals who take a great pride in their work.

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On-location flexibility

Because we know that plans change or that sometimes a new opportunity can present itself, we aim to be flexible. This often means thinking on our feet, trying something new or just looking from a different viewpoint. We know that this approach benefits the final project and helps to distinguish your video from that of your competitors.


Instant replay

A huge benefit of the latest digital camera is the ability to instantly preview shots. We carry HD monitors for both on-camera and remote viewing. This provides the option for instant client approval and shot selection ready for edit. For studio shoots we can provide multiple live monitors in a separate viewing area.

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[quote type=”center”]Everything was done extremely professionally – the pre-event arrangements, the set up on the day, the actual filming and the most amazing part – an edited video available to preview within 24 hours! The quality and way in which the video was put together with music and captions was great..[/quote]

Sean Humby, Owner at Business Network (SW) Ltd

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