Video training workshopsBitpod provide in-house and open-course training sessions to help you get the most out of your business video projects.

This can help companies who wish to create video blogs, capture footage of projects or simply record video testimonials. Although Bitpod would always recommend professionally produced video content, we understand that it is not always practical or economic to do so. Social media websites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter encourage the use of video, which can be very time sensitive. The techniques you will learn will help you make the best of each opportunity while avoiding some of the common pitfalls.

Open video training courses in Exeter

Bitpod offer video training in an open course format in Exeter. These evening courses are designed to help individuals from any business to capture and produce short online videos for business use. Delegates will be expertly guided though the marketing, technical and operational requirements of creating successful videos.

Recent feedback

“Alex is a video expert and his knowledge is immense, his course taught us everything from planning your video, to camera skills, lighting, sound, uploading and sharing, promoting and measuring your videos performance. If you are thinking about using more video and you or someone in your business intends to film them, then I would highly recommend attending Alex’s course.”
Sandra Sampson, Sampson Hall

“Alex has delivered training sessions for many of the team in how to get the best from their own video filming of the work that we do here at DAAT. This has not only been the initial days but follow ups. Invaluable support and expertise – thank you!”
Helena Holt, CEO at Devon Air Ambulance

“The video training and marketing course I attended was second to none and a great platform for me to go on and produce videos of my own. The course materials were full and clear. I still refer to them often. The quality of the presentation was excellent. All in all, I feel very fortunate to have such a supportive company and fantastic resource on my doorstep in Exeter.”
John Edward Hind LLB, Director at Compass Resolution Ltd

“I can highly recommend the video training course Alex runs. Apart from every thing else, and there was a lot crammed into the course, it gave me an excellent understanding of how I may be able to use videos to market my business. It provided an easy to understand (even for a non-technician like me) basis for producing my own videos from concept through to promotion. It was good value for money, and it was fun!”
Michael Green, Director at Endorse HR Limited 


Your own custom course

In-house training can be tailored to your exact requirements. A custom workshop can show you how to focus on what you need and the best way to achieve it. Courses can be arranged as an intensive half or full day or split over several sessions as required. Bitpod will work with you to produce style and process templates ensuring that future videos are consistent.

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