Project: On-location video explaining improvements to patient flow

The Project

We produced a short video to highlight how changes implemented at Yeovil Hospital have benefited patients and staff.

Work to improve patient flow through the hospital has resulted in fewer cancelled operations and enhanced staff morale. Because hospitals are large and complex systems, video was a perfect way to bring this story to life and showcase the great work of clinical staff, particularly those in the emergency department.

yeovil Hospital

What the client wanted

The hospital wanted an impactful way to share lessons from its recent journey with others in the medical profession at a national conference.

Simon Blackburn, Yeovil Hospital’s associate director of communications, is a firm believer in using video to make complex subjects accessible.

“Our director of emergency care was really keen that we didn’t just stand up and talk through some slides with lots of data,” he said. “We wanted to bring our story to life and talk not just about the figures, but the people involved in making these changes a success. We thought we could do this by letting people tell their own part of the story.

“We do a lot of in house video, but where the project requires a much more professional production or we want to use infographics or animation to make data more engaging, we always call on Bitpod.”

What we did

We recorded interviews with key staff on location at the hospital, as well as footage illustrating their busy working environment.

Back at our studio in Exeter, we edited all this together into a narrative of just under five minutes, adding background music to give the video an upbeat feel and animated infographics to highlight key data. This was all done to a tight timescale to ensure the video was ready in time for the conference.

The impact

As well as being shown at the conference, the video has been watched hundreds of times on Yeovil Hospital’s YouTube channel.

Simon said: “The reaction has been fantastic. It brings to life what is quite a complex discussion involving several teams across the hospital.

“The video has been really well received externally, but it also allows our staff to see how their particular role fits into the wider organisation.”

He added: “The reaction is always good to Bitpod’s work. Alex and his team are very good at working with us to make sure we know what we are trying to achieve before we press the record button.

“If we’re going to spend money on telling a story, it’s really important that I know I’m guaranteed that quality of work and an effective working relationship as soon as I pick up the phone.”

Bitpod Director Alex Wren said: “Working in live environments such as Yeovil’s emergency department is really challenging as we cannot control the environment and we must not get in the way of the staff and patients. We also have to respect patients privacy and be mindful of the stress others are experiencing. Despite the challenges, this project was a fantastic opportunity to help YDH to communicate the great results achieved by using a combination of video footage and animated overlays.